About Us

A Forum to Share Strategic Management  Ideas and Provide
the Tools that Assure the Success of Mission-Driven Organizations
through Board/Staff Collaboration.

Provide a forum for strategic management ideas, technical assistance, and collaboration experiences to companies and organizations across the globe to improve the material and spiritual lives of all people.

Provide useful strategic ideas and direct management assistance to organizations, helping them achieve their mission and vision through  interactive collaboration among boards, staff and stakeholders.


Action Planning for Short Term Outcomes and Long-Term Priority-Setting
Action-Driven Board Recruitment to Emphasize Engagement & Results
Organizational Assessment to Increase Capacity
Resource Development Assessment to Create Fundraising Success
Board/Staff Roles Exercise to clarify boundaries and responsibilities

These tools will jump start organizations, setting them on the path of long range planning and successful outcomes. These techniques were developed working with one hundred or more organizations over the past 18 years. Robert Miss, his partners and advisors perfected these processes through interactive engagement with boards and senior staff. However, the premises underlying these tools and services are deeply grounded in philosophical, ethical and spiritual principals that give Robert Miss the ability to provide clear guidance and objectivity to mission-driven organizations.

For more information and free materials robertemiss@gmail.com
Robert Miss, Senior Advisor

Robert E. Miss, MAC, CPFR
Founder, Strategic Management Exchange

Rob, with his original partner Gae Savino, founded Resource Development Counsel which has provided philanthropic services to nonprofit organizations and institutions in the tri-state area for 18 years.  He has created a unique brand of philanthropic services, among them, action planning to solve immediate challenges and set priorities; action-oriented board recruitment and engagement; a best practices organizational assessment; an interactive exercise clarifying board/staff roles and responsibilities; and a resource development assessment. Given  the consistent positive response to these specialized services, Rob has consolidated his experiences into a new approach, the Strategic Management Exchange, www.strategicmanagementexchange.com,  designed to provide practical planning, governance, and best practices solutions for the short term and long term success of mission-driven organizations and businesses.

Rob has been a pioneer in creating organizational initiatives and program start-ups among corporations, large institutions, and government agencies for 35 years. He has experience and expertise in identifying and mobilizing corporate, foundation and government funders for significant projects, such as building and equipping a network center for a statewide public television network, purchasing and rehabilitating buildings with civic revenue bonds and private funds for a major NYC human services agency, and producing and marketing multi-media training projects with private and  public funds for an international rehabilitation agency and a state-funded  long term care insurance education project.

Rob has extensive experience in organizational and broadcast management, including facilities capitalization as well as audience/donor and board  development, government relations and grants management.  He has facilitated numerous group discussions concerning conflict resolution, organizational mergers, public policy issues and strategic long range planning.

Rob  completed post-graduate work in philanthropic studies and in financial planning at New York University.  He holds an AB degree in philosophy from the Fordham University School of Philosophy and Letters and an MAC from the School of Journalism and Communications of the Universith of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Among Rob’s publications are A Teacher’s Resource Guide for Educational Television;     The Last Hour of the Billionth Year (with Harold T.P. Hayes, former managing editor of Esquire), a proposal for media coverage of environmental despoliation; A Corporate Strategy for Issues of Aging for Life Planning Newsletter; A Glossary of Planned Giving Terms for ADO Newsletter;  The Curse of Founder’s Syndrome—And How to Cure It, for Advancing Philanthropy, the journal of the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP), as well as numerous foundation proposals, news releases, and annual reports.

Rob can be reached at robertemiss@gmail.com

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