Solution-Action Steps Planning

Solution-Action Steps ™
for Short Term Outcomes & Priority Setting

Getting Board and Staff to Work Together to Achieve Success

What is Action Planning? Short term strategies for specific outcomes.
Benefits: Tackles immediate challenges and obstacles. Determines specific steps, responsibilities, and outcomes. Sets priorities, the groundwork for long term results.
The Action Planning Model for the Leadership of Organizations
Where are we now?
Review achievements, chart progress, perform an assessment.
Where do we want to be?
Interactively the leadership identifies challenges, sets priorities and determines goals.
How do we get there?
What are the precise steps needed to achieve those goals?
Taking action?
Who is responsible for taking what steps in what time frame at what cost?
Where are we now?
At an agreed time interval, determine outcomes, make adjustments.

For the detailed steps of the action  planning process or to discuss the facilitation of action planning sessions, contact Robert E. Miss

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