Organizational Assessment

A Best Practices Assessment
to Increase Capacity and Compliance

Strategic Management Exchange offers a 50-question organizational assessment for nonprofit effectiveness.  See how your organization stacks up!  The process of board and staff interactively addressing these questions has proven to be a realistic way to bring an organization up to higher performance levels.

This assessment is comprised of 50 questions valued at 2 points each to be reviewed by board and staff together.   A possible 100 score is not the point.  This questionnaire will demonstrate where improvements can be made and will prompt productive discussions as well as increased engagement.

Nonprofit organizations are eligible for a free copy of the 50-question organizational assessment.  For this or to discuss our facilitating the board/staff interactive assessment exercise, contact Robert E. Miss.

Meantime, below is a 10-question mini-assessment.  Some questions may seem arbitrary.  They are benchmarks for good practices and increasing the capacity to fulfill the mission.

Mini Assessment for Best Practices
 1. Mission is stated in 25 words or less.

2. A printed annual report is produced.

3. Fifty percent or more of gifts and grants come from individuals.  Remember the national average is  approximately 85%.

4. Board members are directly responsible  for the largest gifts from any source in the past year.

5. Net income from special events is 20 percent or less  of all other sources.

6. Three foundations and three corporations have an  ongoing relationship with the nonprofit.

7. Term limits are strictly observed by the board.

8. Every board member and every volunteer has a job description.

9. Every board member and senior staff has toured  the nonprofit’s site(s) and has met members  of the constituency served.

10. Senior staff and board members serve on local and  regional committees related to the mission of the non  profit.

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