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Accreditation Guru

As you may know, I have renewed my consulting practice on behalf of mission-driven organizations.  I’m concentrating on the business practices of running and governing 501 c 3 corporations.   There’s a huge need.   This is my new website/blog
You may wish to take advantage of several strategy and governance tools, I’m offering for free on this website.   You are also invited to post your ideas.
As one of the first entries I will be posting is an alert about a new professional in our midst, Jennifer Flowers “the accreditation guru.”   She has vast experience in assisting nonprofits, particularly social service agencies, with accreditations throughout the US and Canada. She served as a director of the prestigious Council on Accreditation for many years.   The accreditation process is a monster organizational challenge for any agency.    It’s great to have Jennifer now based in the New York Metro and Hudson Valley area to offer this service. She also facilitates strategic planning, board development, and quality improvement programs. Check out Jennifer’s website at

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