Resource Development Assessment

Resource Development Assessment
A Diagnostic Tool to Create a Fundraising Program

Strategic Management Exchange (SME) offers this diagnostic tool, the Resource Development Assessment (RDA), which examines ten essential elements of a resource development program. The RDA assesses a nonprofit’s capacity to enhance and strengthen its relationships with its giving partners and interactively with board and staff  develops a comprehensive fundraising program.  This process was developed originally at Semple Bixel Associates in New Jersey, then improved in practice over a 15-year period by Resource Development Counsel, an affiliate of Strategic Management Exchange.  Robert Miss, SME Senior Advisor, has extensive experience in managing this interactive process with boards and senior staffs of mission-driven organizations.  Contact Rob for a complete description of the Resource Development Assessment (RDA).

The RDA process assesses where strengths and opportunities lie within an organization’s overall resource development program.  The key focus areas include:

• fund-raising activities and donor relations (in accordance with the development process this means donor identification, research, cultivation, solicitation, follow-up, stewardship)

•diversity of financial funding streams

• fundraising resources (budgeting, collateral materials)

• organizational planning (strategic planning, board retreats)

• marketing/public relations activities in synergy with development

• community relations activities

• organizational leadership (board and committee chairs, related to their roles, involvement, and willingness to fund raise)

• committee structure

• potential collaborations with new funding partners

• staff infrastructure to support the resource development program.


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