Results-Oriented Professional
I have worked with Rob Miss as a board member and a colleague. He is a skilled professional in every aspect of nonprofit governance, management, resource and board development.    Rob’s practical advice and counsel, derived from a depth of experience, clarifies situations and leads to positive outcomes.  That’s why he’s one of the best at getting boards and staffs to work together as a team to address the most daunting challenges, a rare ability worth utilizing .
Daniel R. Alcott, Esq.
Chair, Not-for-Profit Department
Dorf & Nelson, LLP

 Board Retreat
Robert, I have to thank you for bringing passion to this work of facilitation. It was unique and our board members appreciated it. You morphed into one of us. You challenged us to think and we will continue to think. That will be our secret weapon, just as it was for IBM during its growth years. Thanks for a job well-done.
Dr. Kofi Boateng, Executive Director, West Harlem Development Corporation

Corporate Philanthropy
Working with Rob is always a great experience. He was an extraordinary help to me during a stressful “crunch time”, and his calm and wise demeanor made collaborating with him a pleasure. Rob was a great resource, with wide knowledge of the field and amazing contacts in the community. With Rob’s assistance we hit our targets and more! Thanks, Rob.
Patricia Braja, Director of Development, Westchester Library System

Rob Miss from Strategic Management Exchange led an all-day retreat with the Board & Senior Staff of Grace Church Community Center in January 2014. He facilitated an analysis of our agency, our mission and Board/staff roles & responsibilities as the organization’s leadership prepared to embark on a major rebranding project.  His process included thought provoking exercises which stimulated spirited discussions.  Rob Miss and his partner during the retreat, Jennifer Flowers, were well organized, well prepared and adept at facilitating our group of 20 attendees.  They kept everybody focused and were skilled at summarizing discussions to highlight key thoughts and ideas. Rob helped to demystify the rebranding process, clarify expectations and put us all on the same page as we began our journey to change the future of our organization.
Paul Anderson-Winchell, Executive Director
Chris Schwartz, Director of Devlopment

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